Monday, 6 July 2009

Middleweight Champion

As a "Middleweight" in the Bluesquare VIP levels I was able to play the Middleweight $500 freeroll, which started with only 33 runners. Not too many familiar names in the game though Steve Holden (avillan) and toondavey40 (a GUKPT league regular) both made it to the final table as did I.

Steve kept pushing his short stack until he ran KT off into KK, and departed in 10th. Prior to the final table I got a nice double up through batsh1t, with KK up against his JJ - limped for 160 then pushed all in for 5700 odd to my raise to 480. I didn't take long to call and he failed to outdraw me, so I got a boost and he struggled for a little while thereafter but still made 7th place.

I built steadily with a steal here and there, gave a few away, sometimes my fault and sometimes bad outdraws, but ended up heads up with 77grant77 who played aggressively so I tried to do likewise. With a 3 to 1 chip advantage I pushed from the SB with JQ, he made the call with AT off, and I spiked a Q on the turn, after a 3-4-5 rainbow flop gave him a straight draw as well as being ahead. So he had to settle for $125, while I pocketed $200 for first. Not bad for nothing.